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CD Inserts:

CD inserts by Caligraphics

Larry Lee Phillipson CD for NLT Records.

WC Edgar CD inserts by Caligraphics
Old School Survivor by WC Edgar

Wc Edgar CD inserts by Caligraphics
Printer files for Non-Conformist Deluxe
CD insert Photoshop files

Joe Diamond inserts under construction in Photoshop

Caligraphics web development and CD insert design
And the finished project

Bob Norman CD inserts by Caligraphics

Bob Norman CD inserts

CD Inserts by Caligraphics
Dottie Jack

CD inserts by Caligraphics
Michael Garland

Jack Barlow CD inserts

The Best of Jack Barlow - 4 CD set

Caligraphics CD insert design
Steel Guitar album not even in the can yet

When you've got your latest session recorded, let us do your inserts. We'll download the template from your distributor, or come up with a custom one, and design something just for you. Since we're musicians, we might know just what you want.

CD Insert designs start at $79. We send a print-ready file to your printer, record company or distributor.